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Villa Anugrah

Villa Anugrah is a five-suite villa estate located on the Bukit peninsula in Bali, Indonesia. An estimated 45 meters away from the cliff and facing the Indian Ocean, the resort has a solar hot water system, rainwater reticulation system and a design that utilizes natural ventilation, among others, to be among the first in the hospitality business to observe strict environmental standards and to lessen their carbon footprint.

To help highlight Villa Anugrah’s beauty to the world, we revamped their old website by migrating it into a WordPress platform for a more user-friendly experience and coming up with a more elegant design. We integrated beautiful visuals into the site as well as calming music, that a visitor can choose to turn off or keep playing, to portray the resort’s relaxing vibe.

Just from the rotating images on the banner, a site visitor can clearly see what the villa has to offer in terms of different panoramic views and soothing ambiance as well as superb services and amenities. So, even just from looking at their website alone, you can already see that Villa Anugrah is a true Balinese gem.

Villa Anugrah

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