Kryptonite Digital was created when Dale Rennie, decided (under the exhilarating sway of strong Filipino coffee) to create a world-class facility in Cebu, Philippines. Digital, web, SEO, mobile apps, social, live action production and motion graphics, all under one roof. Preferably on the ocean.

So he did.

In 2014, Kryptonite Digital was acquired by Pico, global leaders in brand activation, and the company hit new heights. In 2015, Kryptonite moved in to their new office space on Mactan, complete with shooting stages, production equipment and most importantly, a Tiki Bar. And yes. It's on the ocean.

In 2016, we decided to add a Singaporean flavour to the mix by establishing an office in the Lion City. And a second office in Cebu to deal with our growth. 

Focussing on branding, brand launches, PR, digital, live action production, and motion graphics; we now roar in Singapore, the Philippines and Hong Kong. 






Technology entrepreneur, inventor and businessman, Dale has a long history in the technology & digital marketing business, creating many firsts in digital software and bespoke marketing solutions. He has used his skill sets in digital strategy, web and software development, search marketing, social media marketing and event marketing to increase revenues, brand awareness, and create ROI for many large public companies and corporations such as: Visa International, Warner Bros., American Express, HSBC, Bank of China, Cathay Pacific and United Airlines.

Dale is also a passionate environmentalist and a key member of PaddleforthePlanet.org, a worldwide movement to save our oceans and marine life.



Architect, stage design and art director, virtual reality expert, video games content and technology  developer, Alex has an extensive background in art and technology. He is the director of Dogrush Studios, a member of ID-V Argentina and founder of several art and technology crews namely Perla Marina, Jaguaritech, Cienfuegos. He was also involved in several important public events in Argentina where he worked as a technical and art director and stage designer. 

Alex continues to push the boundaries with his creation of virtual reality environments, real-time 3D for apps and Oculus Rift developed in Unreal Engine 4. He has inspired many across the globe with numerous exhibitions, presentations, awards and other outstanding works. Now working with Kryptonite, he is applying his ingeniuty in assisting our clients take their events and other creative ventures to another level.



Former Creative Director and Co-Founder of the International Nightclub Group Pangaea LLC, Sabrina has 15 years of global expertise in conceptualising and building luxury brands worldwide.

She is an infamous international nightclub owner and operator, who is best known for her theatrical theme parties and concepts, social media advertising, and brand creation.

A lover of the oceans and marine wildlife, Sabrina utilises photography and visual social media campaigns to help increase awareness on marine conservation.



Our vision is to build and nurture a creative epicenter in a beautiful place. A company that celebrates and rewards the best talent, and in the process creates campaigns, content and ideas that make heroes out of our global clients.



By design, we're creating a campus. Yes, there is important work to do. But the attraction of Kryptonite Digital extends beyond the day to day. We're interested in something new. We're pushing our team to do great things. Rules are broken, minds are opening and clients are coming back.