The extensive use of the internet in the Philippines today cannot be denied. According to Internet Live Stats, there are currently over 44 million internet users in the Philippines and still counting.

Hailed as the texting capital of the world when feature phones were at their peak, it’s easy to see how this small country can quickly adopt to the latest trends in technology. In this age of the world wide web, the Philippines has set a record for the biggest internet population growth in the world.

Apart from the country’s steadily increasing internet usage, there is also an evident increase in the use of mobile phones. In fact, along with Indonesia, the Philippines contributes to the immense growth in mobile phone penetration. As of early 2015, there are around 113 million mobile phone subscribers in the archipelago. With such trend, one could say that the future is bright for mobile app development in the Philippines.

How Filipinos use mobile internet

  • Social Media

A study found that Filipinos use mobile internet mainly for social media. The Philippines is tops the chart when it comes to the usage of social media in Asia. It has been found that checking news feeds and posting updates are the top two activities on smartphones.

  • Music Streaming

Filipinos are known to be such music-loving people. It’s no wonder a majority of mobile phone owners use their devices to stream music at their convenience.

  • Downloading

In addition to streaming, a large number of Filipinos also use their mobile phones to download stuff (apps, music, etc.)

  • Weather updates

Living in a typhoon-prone country, Filipinos have become vigilant and are now using technology to their advantage. Tech savvy Pinoys today use apps to get regular weather updates and prepare for potential disasters.

  • Entertainment

A significant number of Filipinos use their smartphones for entertainment like watching videos or reading interesting posts. The entertainment factor is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why mobile is such a hit.

An opportunity for various brands

The rise of mobile in the Philippines has clearly benefited a lot of users. But it doesn’t end there. This trend in technology can also pave way for many opportunities for various brands. Access to mobile internet and social media can narrow the gap between brands and consumers.

Now that people are more connected than ever, it’s easier for brands to reach their target audience and build relationships with new and old customers. A number of local companies have already launched their own applications to allow quicker and easier access to their products or services.

Emergence of mobile app development companies

Seeing the current mobile trend, numerous mobile app developers have emerged from different parts of the country catering to different types of clients and their end users. With their exceptional skills, these developers are now creating various mobile applications that people can use every day to make their lives more convenient. Though challenging, the mobile age is a glorious time for developers.