When Kryptonite Digital was founded by marketing experts Dale Rennie and Dave McVeigh, they wanted to do everything – digital marketing services, SEO, mobile apps, and web – all under one roof. 

And ideally on a beach.

With a Tiki Bar.

Be careful what you ask for! Kryptonite Digital found a home at Bigfoot Media Park, a world-class facility in the island of Mactan.

Located just a few minutes away from Mactan international airport and five-star hotels, Bigfoot Media Park makes the perfect home base for KD’s creative team. What’s even better -  it’s near the beach –literally only a few feet away! With a Tiki Bar! KD is perhaps the only digital marketing agency in the Philippines where you could swim to work. The beautiful view and natural sea breeze make afternoon breaks truly relaxing. A positive environment can definitely get a team pumped up for work!

Aside from the “island feel”, our new studio space is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. We are fully geared, armed, and ready to take on live action production, post-production, and video editing work any time.

Now that we’re home, here's to the next Big Project.

Get to know the Kryptonite team and feel free to browse our site and view our gallery.  We also whipped up a little CG animation here in celebration of our arrival at the new office.

Kryptonite Digital has landed.