It's ON!

Facebook is on the verge of giving YouTube a run for its money with the launch of its own video hub. Although the platform is currently still testing, it could be the spot videos.

It's been a while since a good platform smack down and we've got ringside seats. Read on!

Where Can You See This Video Hub?

When you log in onto your Facebook account, you will see a new icon on the Favorites section on the left -hand corner of the News Feed. If you are logged in using your iPhone, then you will find this at the bottom of the Facebook app.

A number of features are still being added to the section to make sure that Facebook users will stay longer on the page and watch more videos.  The pop-out video player will allow you to view videos while you multi-task and go through your feed, which is, needless to say, very cool.

Another feature added to the hub is the “suggested videos”, which gives out a Vimeo-esque stream closely associated with the one you have just finished watching. You will also find a “save for later” button on the the videos, so you can bookmark to watch later.

What Does This Mean for Video Marketing?

Facebook came out with their own video ad experiment in December of 2014, Facebook video is already getting an astounding three billion views every day with the number of video posts per person having spiked by 75 percent worldwide and by 94 percent in the US. These figures alone are enough for people to believe that YouTube's reign over video marketing is no longer guaranteed. It has also led to questions on whether online marketers, business owners and brand managers should just slowly transiton from YouTube video marketing to Facebook.

Our opinion? We have no idea.

That said, we concur with social media marketer Gary Vaynerchuck that videos should be made for both YouTube and Facebook, especially now that the social network site is making it hard for YouTube promotion within Facebook. Aside from its video player being more aesthetically pleasing, Facebook has already barred the use of YouTube links on any sponsored posts. And, based on a Mashable report, this has resulted in the decline of YouTube shares and engagement. Yeah. It's war.

This means that with Facebook and YouTube, you should now centre your efforts on videos and content with dynamic images. Make it really, really good and let the platforms duke it out. And, as advised by Vaynerchuck, you should also focus on increasing your number of views instead of just getting impressions on your video ads and native videos.

This is going to be a fascinating time for video content. Keep checking back right here for the blow by blow.