Can’t seem to get enough of social media?

You might be addicted to this craze without even realizing it. Social media is a platform but it’s also something that could be keeping you from the other good things in life.

In case you’re not sure or just simply in denial, here are some signs you are addicted to social media.

You check social media the moment you wake up.

Sure, you may say that it’s become some sort of a habit like reading the morning news but what could be a seemingly mild and harmless everyday thing could turn into something worse. 

You keep on checking social media sites throughout the day.

How many times do you check your page in a day? In an hour? Do you find yourself checking your Facebook or Twitter every few minutes for new notifications? If you open pages multiple times (or too many times) in a day or even in the middle of the night, then you are definitely addicted to social media.

You constantly post stuff.

Perhaps you found a motion graphics video that’s just too cute not to share. Or something really cool just happened in your life that you just have to post about it. Yes, we are all guilty of sharing things on social media. BUT. There has to be a limit of some sort. If you tend to share everything – as in literally EVERY THING – even the most mundane ones (drinking water, going to the toilet, heading out of the house, etc.), it’s an obvious sign you’re taking it a little bit too far.

You check in to every place you visit.

It’s like your (not so) subtle way of letting people know where you are and what you’re probably doing there. But did you know that you can actually go to a place without checking in? Try it some time.

You take too many selfies.

There’s nothing wrong with taking the occasional selfie. Sure, you feel extra good today or you just bought that nice outfit you’ve always wanted so you decide to capture the moment. But then again, too much of something is bad enough. Taking too many selfies has been linked to narcissism.

You often take pictures of your food.

Okay, if it’s a coveted and well-plated dish, you have an excuse to take a snap or two. However, if you take photos of everything you eat (and post them!) like you won’t be able to digest it if you don’t do so then you could be on your way to being a certified social media addict.

#You #use #too #many #hashtags.

#nuffsaid #seewhatididthere

You feel upset if you don’t get a lot of likes or comments.

So you’ve posted a hilarious story or this awesome vacation photo but didn’t get the amount of likes or comments you expected. RELAX. You’ll live. 

You find yourself panicking if you don’t have internet connection.

“No WiFi? No way!” is what most people might say these days. You might be too hooked on social media if it feels like the world is about to end if you don’t’ get to connect to the internet. 

There’s no need to freak out though if you’ve found yourself in any (or most) of the situations above at some point in your life. It’s not too late. You can still do things to avoid falling deeper into the pit of social media addiction. Go out with friends (and avoid peeking at your phone), go for a run, do some art or read a book.