Reaching a wide audience is one of the main goals of social media marketing. Some brands today have successfully achieved such goal by tapping into a not-so-secret weapon. Pop culture.

Pop culture has its way of taking the world by storm. Blockbuster films, fashion trends, celebrity news, sports – they are hard to miss. People talk about them for ages. When paired with social media, pop culture is something that can give leverage to your campaigns and when done right, can yield great results.

If you’re looking for a social media marketing strategy, this is one thing you might want to seriously consider.

So how do you capitalize on pop culture?

1. Incorporate pop culture into your content/campaign.

The simplest way to take advantage of pop culture is to incorporate it in your social media campaigns. Find a way to fuse trends or popular subjects of interest with your industry and come up with something that shows your product’s value and serves your audience all the same.

A good example of this is when REI capitalized on the popularity of zombies. The company created an infographic on essential products to survive a zombie apocalypse. It was just a perfect concept! That move worked for REI because the content relates to the brand. It was fun and appealing, especially to their zombie-loving patrons.

2. Join the hype, minding the right timing.

Who has not heard of the Miss Universe 2015 fiasco? The internet exploded when Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner and got the wrong girl crowned. That honest mistake created a major buzz around the world and was everyone’s favorite subject for quite some time.

Burger King was so quick to join the hype tweeting “At BK, everyone gets to keep their crown.” People found it a hilarious way for the famous food chain to hop in on the bandwagon. When it comes to getting in on hypes, though, it’s all about timing. It’s best to strike while the iron is still hot.

3. Create memes.

One of the easiest way to integrate pop culture into your digital marketing efforts is to create memes. The internet today is all about these hilarious images. The best thing about memes is that they are easy to make and what’s more, they are very shareable. Creating timely and relatable memes is a seamless way of riding the latest trends in pop culture.

If this is what you want to consider, all you have to do is pick the latest cool, funny or interesting trend that relates to your business or brand and work your imagination.

4. Connect to your audience on a personal level.

It is important to make a connection with your audience, and not just any connection but a personal one. Creating personal connections is a great way to engage your audience. Using pop culture, you can appeal to your audience’s interests and connect with them on a more personal level. Take this opportunity to get to know more about them, their needs and preferences.

Pop culture surely can take you to the next level if you know what to do. Before you make use of this tactic, however, make sure that the pop culture reference you use is relevant to your brand and the message you want to convey. When you can seamlessly combine your brand with pop culture, you have a great chance at reaping the benefits.