Thinking of outsourcing SEO? 

Having someone to do SEO work for you may sound expensive at first glance. But with the help of a team of professionals, you will definitely get your money’s worth. SEO providers may do all of what is required but then again, you need to be familiar with the outsourcing process. So how do you properly outsource SEO? 

Take a look at the following steps. 

Make a thorough plan.   It’s unfortunate that most people would skip this stage. They easily rush in deciding which company to hire and demand that their site should rank #1.  Doing so won’t mean instant high-ranking results.  When it comes to getting your target audience, you need to have a thorough marketing plan. Hence, plan ahead as long-term SEO results don’t happen overnight especially when your site is new.  Create a timeframe, know your competitors, and prepare important details. 

Know your budget range. SEO is quite a lengthy process so you should know how much cash you are willing to shell out. Some people tend to select a much affordable SEO plan without knowing that it would get the website ranking into trouble. Think about long-term results and be sure you know how much you are willing to invest, not spend.

Identify what needs to be done. Before you formally discuss with your chosen provider, ask yourself the following questions: have you done any SEO work before? Where there any site redesigns?   Are you launching a new site soon? Is there an old site that needs a redesign? Does your company have existing social media pages? Once you have identified the important details, you can send in advance everything that you have compiled to your chosen SEO provider.

Select an AUTHORIZED SEO service provider. If you are already familiar with SEO but have very limited budget, you can find SEO packages in websites like Forums/Fiverr. But if you are running a business or brand, think otherwise. Do your research, ask about the process and how link building is done. Most companies have already placed all their SEO packages on their website for customers to easily read and avail their services.  But still, you need to discuss with your chosen provider on how the whole process is completed. 

Highlight the NEEDS and GOALS for your campaign.  Ranking #1 isn’t always the main goal of SEO because you can’t be #1 at all times. Try not to pressure your SEO service provider as doing so could lead them to use terrible SEO strategies that will affect your business in the long run or worse, they’ll quit.  Let the team know your end goal like increasing sales, conversions or page views, or better yet get targeted traffic. Identifying your goals will make it easy for them to formulate a well-planned strategy.

Curb your expectations. One of the things that you should learn about SEO is that it takes an amount of time to get results.  Your chosen provider should make sure that your expectations are met. See to it that they are realistic when they discuss a timeframe. If they guarantee results in a week or two, think twice.   They will give estimates but you can’t expect them to be 100% accurate. Keep in mind that SEO doesn’t control Google and its algorithms. 

Are you all set to outsource SEO? There are still plenty of things to learn as you go along with the process but here’s hoping these basic guidelines will help you in properly outsourcing SEO and in looking for the right SEO company.  

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