In this age of smartphones, mobile applications have also become a thing. These applications come in a wide variety of types. Some are made for entertainment, some are intended for quick information access and some are designed to enhance your device’s performance. To sum it all up, mobile apps are made to make our lives easier.

To date, countless apps are available for download. But how do you choose which ones to download? If you’re currently looking for a good mobile application, below are some options you might find useful.



Finding it hard to keep track of your to dos and other thoughts? Scratch your mental notes and download Evernote on your phone. This is the one app you’ll need when it comes to note-taking. It features multiple notebooks allowing you to organize your thoughts and to-do lists. The app allows you to share notes, attach files and even track expenses.



Since the advent of computers, file storage has become a concern of many users. We all need enough storage space for all our photos, videos and important documents. Thanks to modern technology, we now have numerous storage options. One of the most popularly used storage today is Dropbox. This app allows you to save and have access to your files wherever you go.



Ever come across an interesting article but had to close the web page because you had something more important to do? Bummer, right? But with Pocket installed on your phone, you can save web pages for later. Pocket is not just your average bookmarking system. It makes your saved pages available even when you’re offline. This means you can read that juicy article or watch that cool video even without internet connection.



Social media nowadays is all about sharing content – and real time sharing if possible. If you’re the sharing kind, Periscope just might be the kind of app you need. It allows you to post and share live video streams to your followers. Viewers can also comment as they watch your broadcast. Additionally, you can make your clips available for replays. There’s a catch, though. Clips are impermanent and can only be viewed up to 24 hours later.



For photography enthusiasts, ProShot is a great app to have. The app is designed with advanced features that enable users to adjust light and focus when shooting. With its adjustment features, you will be able to improve photo quality with just your finger. Make lots of share worthy photos with this app!


5k Run

If you like running and getting in shape, 5k Run can be your training guide and running buddy. This fitness app features a program that includes a combination of power walks and running, a built-in player and a rewards system to motivate you to keep on training. The training lasts for eight weeks – training is three times a week with thirty means for each session. The goal is to run five kilometres, hence the app’s name 5k Run.



A frequent traveler? The Airbnb app is just what you need. Designed for the traveler at heart, this app helps you find some of the best accommodations around the globe. There’s no need to worry. Airbnb is trusted by many travelers in the world. Now that this app can be on your phone, you can heed the call of wanderlust.



Waiting for a cab can be frustrating at times. Save yourself from the hassle and get Uber. This transportation app lets you get a ride using your phone. Even better, you can get estimates on the cost and time of arrival. Uber has a map feature that lets you see your driver’s current location. You can also pay automatically via the app itself.


TuneIn Radio

For music lovers, TuneIn Radio might come in handy. With more than 70,000 radio stations, this app is your ticket to listen to music from different corners of the planet. What’s more, TuneIn Radio is not just all music, you can also listen to sports and news to keep you updated with the latest happenings around the world.  


Much like choosing clothes or music, choosing an app is personal. It all comes down to your personal preference and even your lifestyle. With so many choices available, you’ll surely find the kind you need.