We're proud of our gaming background, particularly our experience working with the good folks at EA Mobile, right as mobile games were blowing up in everyone's hands. We helped market the migration of Hasbro from Sunday night board game night to an excellent way to make the taxi ride bearable. The mobile revolution has been a wild ride in the gaming space and has quite literally changed the world. Along the way, we also connected with our share of social game ups and downs, as well as players in this space, who were often pretty "mobile" themselves. 

That's why we have always been fascinated with Mark Pincus, the founder of Zynga, of FarmVille fame. Zynga was a powerhouse in the social space and then, well, it wasn't. Some people felt it was Pincus' fault, primarily because he didn't keep up with with mobile and instead created "me too" games that were rushed to market. That may or may not be true. But either way, we like the guy. He's dynamic, he's opinionated and he built something worth discussing.

He's also back. After replacing himself as CEO, he's decided to re-replace himself. Steve Jobs-like. We're going to track his progress right here, and we're going to wish him success, regardless of how many people he pisses off. Here's article about it. Enjoy.