Think you know social media?

Social media has evolved in so many ways since its inception. Though it was originally intended to connect people around the world, social media has now transformed into a powerful tool for businesses in the Philippines and practically everywhere else.

And it seems like it’s going to be this way for a long time. For this very reason, a lot of businesses have invested in social media management.

If you’re taking the same path, you might find this article helpful.

Below are some important things you should know about social media.

1. Not all social media are the same.

There may be a slew of social media sites on the interwebs today but they are not all the same. Each one has a specific audience or type of users that dominate the site. When choosing a channel to focus your marketing efforts on, you may want to consider your niche. Get to know which sites your target audience is most active on.

2. There are best days and times for engagement on social media.

A study has over 1.7 million tweets to determine the best times to earn a retweet. Results of the study revealed that between 10PM and 11PM ET are the most favorable times. During this timeframe, share volume is lower which gives your content a greater chance to stand out. The next time you want to share or post something on Twitter, you may want to do it in the after-hours. It was also found out that the best day to get retweets is Sunday.

Meanwhile, Fridays are the best days to post on Facebook. After analyzing over 225 billion posts, the Social Intelligence Report found out that Facebook posts get more comments, likes and shares on Fridays compared to other days of the week.

3. Social media channels are also search engines.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently claimed the social network gets over 1.5 billion searches per day. With social media at the tip of their fingertips, people nowadays don’t just rely on Google to look up information. Users also turn to their preferred social networking sites to find what they need. People who would like to know your company can do a quick search.

4. Posts and content should be a reflection of your brand or company.

Apart from being high quality, the content you share on social media should also reflect your company’s culture or personality. One way of sharing what your brand is all about is through your content. See to it that you post content relevant to your industry. Create content touching on current trends to gain the most attention. 

5. Written content resonates the most.

Content is king. Almost 3,000 marketers were surveyed and more than half of them (58%) said that written content is their most powerful form of content to share in social media. It was followed by visual content (19%), original videos (12%), curated content (10%) and original audio content (2%).

Given this statistic, you should pay attention to written content. You can come up with original content to create brand awareness and establish online authority.

6. Users interact most on photo posts.

While written content is important to some, the power of photos should not be underestimated all the same. On Facebook, photos reign supreme. It’s quite undeniable that images attract a massive audience. According to statistics, about 87% of interactions on Facebook happen on photo posts and 75% of Facebook page updates are photos.

Your next move is obvious then. You need to post photos. But not just any kind of photos. Use photos related to you content, something that tells a story.

7. Not everyone may agree with you.

In an online community with millions of users, there is bound to be a clash of opinions. In fact, social media networks today have become platforms for debates.

If there’s one thing you have to remember when creating and posting content is that you can never please anybody. You should therefore be able to handle negative comments and focus more on your supporters. After all, your loyal followers are all that matters.

8. Social media platforms make a great source of ideas.

With many different active users on different channels, you’ll certainly come across different opinions and ideas which can be an inspiration for your next step. Listen to your community or followers. You just might get ideas for new products or solutions to some of their most common problems. The feedback you get will also enable you to make improvements and provide better service.

9. Your mentions come from users with few followers.

Most of your followers have very few followers themselves. This is a hard truth you have to take in. Mention, a social monitoring website, found out after analyzing more than 1 billion social mentions that 91% of mentions are from users with less than 500 followers.

Take time to give quick responses to those users to let them know they matter. They may have only a few followers but majority of them talk about your business and share your content thereby spreading the word. They are your brand ambassadors.

10. It requires time to build credibility in social media.

Becoming a trusted entity in the social media universe doesn’t happen overnight. Building your presence takes time. To establish credibility and gradually earn people’s trust, make it a point to post relevant content regularly. This is how followers will get to know you along the way.

Bottom line:

Social media is here to stay. Considering your industry and business goals, you need to get involved accordingly. It is important that you know how to engage the right way. You can test some methods to determine what works for you best or consider getting the help of digital marketing companies. In the end, you’ll be the one reaping its benefits.