Top 10 Traits to Look for in a Digital Marketing Agency

Top 10 Traits to Look for in a Digital Marketing Agency

Hiring a digital marketing agency is a surefire way to ramp up your online marketing efforts.  From creating an effective brand, increasing sales and bringing businesses closer to their target audience, digital agencies follow the tried and true industry practices to increase their client's online presence and their connections with potential customers.

But how does one distinguish a reputable digital marketing agency from a sea of digital marketing companies?  Here are 10 valuable traits of an established digital agency.

Digital Marketing Agency: 10 Valuable Traits

A Team of Experts. The magic behind a successful digital agency is the team which is composed of experienced professionals who understand collaboration, responsibility, and effectivity. They make it a point to meet the needs and demands of every client. Be it SEO, social media marketing or copywriting, each member has years of experience in his area of expertise.

Armed with the Right Tools.  Established digital agencies are armed with the right tools needed to kick up marketing strategies up a notch. They are comfortable with using these tools and know when to disregard them.

Set the Bar High.  An effective digital agency recognizes the importance of attracting and retaining clients. The team is willing to push forward, be creative, and think out of the box. They have fresh and exciting ideas enough to win new clients over. The team is also updated with the latest marketing trends or if not, they set the trends themselves. They know that competition is tough so they make sure to set the bar high.

Target Global Audience. Targeting a global audience is important in online marketing. A reputable marketing agency knows how to connect digitally to users all over the globe. This helps them understand potential customers and their behaviors and helps provide clients a wider customer base.

Effective Communication Skills. Apart from being apt for the job, the team is skilled at communicating. As much as they know how to communicate with each other, they're also effective in communicating with clients. This is an important trait as effective communication lets the team develop deeper and lasting client relationships.

Problem Solvers. Projects don't always go smooth but a successful digital marketing agency knows how to deal with glitches. The team is on point in delivering projects and is quick to recognize errors and correct them.

Know How to Execute Ideas.  Ideas are nothing without execution.  A reputable marketing agency doesn't only thrive on ideas but practices proper and effective execution to meet specific deadlines. They have the clients best interest hence they do whatever it takes for projects to succeed.

Strong Online Presence.   Marketing another business starts with knowing how to market your own brand. An established digital agency knows exactly how this is done. As such, the team works hard to ensure the brand's online presence is strong --- an updated website, rank high in search engines and a large following on social media platforms.

Data Mastery and Accuracy. An experienced digital marketing agency provides accurate data to clients. The team is ready to show clients how data was gathered, executed and how it will affect the brand. They are also prepared to answer client queries.

Billing Transparency. Every business always comes down to one important thing – money. A trusted digital marketing agency practices transparent billing so clients will know and understand what they are paying for. Thus, clients are assured they're getting their money's worth.

Successful digital marketing agencies exhibit the traits listed above. They know how to deliver an effective marketing strategy and it starts with knowing the brand, the competitors and the target audience. Most importantly, they know how to effectively execute ideas.

If you're ready to take your marketing strategies to the next level and get winning results, let Kryptonite Digital be your partner. We are an established digital marketing company and have assisted some of the top brands in the world. Our digital marketing services keep up with the ever-changing digital marketing trends.  We have also nurtured the best talent who work together to develop effective marketing strategies. As a digital marketing agency, we know what it takes for your business to stand out from the crowd. 

Get the Competitive Edge with the Help of a Website Development Company

Get the Competitive Edge with the Help of a Website Development Company

Are you still on the fence if you should hire the services of a website development company? Your organization have survived the steep competition for years; and you are certain that you are still on top of the game. You want your rivals to trail behind you; or at least remain as the leader of your industry. But you are not certain if you want to invest in something that you consider as untested such as a website development company.

You understand that there are risks to be assumed to be able to maintain your lead in the industry; and you recognize the importance of technology in keeping your competitive edge against your competitors. But you do not know what website development in the Philippines would best suit you, and the needs of your company.

The Advantages of Hiring a Website Development Company

Even as a consumer, you have noticed that technology has made your life easier. As an entrepreneur, you have admitted to yourself that most your most efficient suppliers have websites. But online security weighs heavily on your mind. On top of that, you are not certain what is website development, and what is its difference to web designing.

Website Developing versus Web Designing

There is a thin line between website developing and web designing. The best analogy would be building construction. Website developing is akin to the erection of an infrastructure’s foundation - from columns to the laying of the floors. While web designing is the painting, and the interior design. Very much like the interior designer, a web designer knows some basic of web development.

In the early age of internet, being able to hire a web designer with the eye of aesthetics would be next to a miracle. But nowadays, most web designers study arts to be able to beautifully lay out their product. So it is safe to say that once you hire a web developer, they are more than capable to design your website as well.

Knowing the Philippines’ Web Development Industry

By now, you are fully aware that there are many web development companies in the Philippines. They more or less started the same time as the BPO. Just like the latter, there are numerous entities that can offer you their web developing products and services. So after you have overcome the hurdle of deciding whether or not to hire the service of a web development company, you have to ask yourself if you should just employ a web developer or ask help from a website development company.

Hiring a web developer would mean that he or she will permanently be part of your company’s budget. But having one would also mean that there is someone to resolve any issues with your entity’s website any time of the day. You would also need to take into account his or her limitations considering that he or she will not have the expertise to clear up a major debacle.

Signing a contract to transact business with a website development company would entail one-time cash outflow. So upon the completion of their services and the end of the warranty, you will no longer have to incur such expense. With the expertise of several employees at their disposal, their service is not as limited as hiring an in house web developer.

What if you encounter a problem with your website outside office hours? That is indeed something to consider especially if your orders come pouring in after the 8 AM to 5 PM shift. But you can negotiate with the web development company to cater to your needs during your hours of operations. Major players of these industry also have support 24 hours, 7 days in a week. So their customers are not left hapless.

All throughout the years, successful business leaders have known that the only way to retain the lead, and to survive is to be innovative. Being able to predict the future needs of your clients will help keep your competitive edge. Staying with what is comfortable will definitely kill your only source of livelihood. Just like any animal in the jungle, you have to adapt to new realities for you to survive. You should embrace technology…. make it as a tool to redefine yourself, and your company. And a website development company can help you with that.


6 Steps in Properly Outsourcing SEO

6 Steps in Properly Outsourcing SEO

Thinking of outsourcing Social Engine Optimisation or SEO? 

Having someone do SEO work for you may sound expensive at first. However, with the help of a team of professionals, you will definitely get your money’s worth. SEO providers may do all of what is required but then again, you need to be familiar with the outsourcing process. So how do you properly outsource SEO? 

Take a look at the following steps: 

1. Make a thorough plan.   It’s unfortunate that most people would skip this stage. They immediately rush in deciding which company to hire and demand that their site should rank number 1.  Doing this won’t mean instant high-ranking results.  When it comes to reaching your target audience, you need to have a thorough marketing plan. So, plan ahead, as long-term SEO results won’t happen overnight, especially when your site is new.  Create a timeframe, know your competitors, and prepare important details. 

2. Know your budget. Doing SEO is a lengthy process, so you should know how much cash you are willing to shell out. Some people tend to select a much affordable SEO plan without knowing that it would get the website ranking into trouble. Think about long-term results and be sure you know how much you are willing to invest, not spend.

3. Identify what needs to be done. Before you formally consult with your chosen provider, ask yourself the following questions: Have you done any SEO work before? Where there any site re-designs? Are you launching a new site soon? Is there an old site that needs a re-design? Does your company have existing social media pages? Once you have identified the important details, you can send everything you have compiled to your chosen SEO provider in advance.

4. Select an AUTHORISED SEO service provider. If you are already familiar with SEO, but have very limited budget, you can find SEO packages in websites like Forums/Fiverr that may just be up your alley. However, if you are running a business or brand, think otherwise. Do your research, ask about the process, and how link building is done. Most companies have already placed all their SEO packages on their website for customers to easily read and avail of their services. You still need to discuss with your chosen provider on how the whole process is completed though. 

5. Highlight the NEEDS and GOALS for your campaign. Ranking number 1 isn’t always the main goal of SEO because you can’t be at the top at all times. Try not to pressure your SEO service provider as doing so could lead them to use black hat SEO strategies that will affect your business in the long run or worse, they’ll quit on you.  Let the team know your end goal like increasing sales, conversions or page views, or better yet get targeted traffic. Identifying your goals will make it easy for them to formulate a well-planned strategy.

6. Curb your expectations. One of the things you should learn about SEO is that it takes a lengthy period to get results.  So, your chosen provider should make sure that your expectations are met. See to it that they are realistic when they discuss a timeframe. If they guarantee results in a week or two, think twice. They will give estimates, but you can’t expect them to be 100% accurate. Keep in mind that SEO or your provider doesn’t control Google and its algorithms. 

Are you all set to outsource SEO? There are still plenty of things to learn as you go along with the process. However, here’s hoping these basic guidelines will help you in properly outsourcing SEO and in looking for the right SEO company.  

At Kryptonite Digital, a digital marketing agency in the Philippines, you’ll definitely get what you’re paying for.  We are a reliable SEO company in the Philippines and have helped different companies grow their online presence. As a website development company, we treat SEO as a long-term development and make sure that clients get what they deserve.  We have also built a reputation as a digital marketing agency in Hong Kong and have worked with small to large-scale businesses in the field. Work with us and let us help you achieve long-term SEO results.

Read more about How to Achieve Digital Marketing Success in 2016.    

Social Media Marketing: Capitalizing on Pop Culture

Social Media Marketing: Capitalizing on Pop Culture

Reaching a wide audience is one of the main goals of social media marketing. Some brands today have successfully achieved such goal by tapping into a not-so-secret weapon. Pop culture.

Pop culture has its way of taking the world by storm. Blockbuster films, fashion trends, celebrity news, sports – they are hard to miss. People talk about them for ages. When paired with social media, pop culture is something that can give leverage to your campaigns and when done right, can yield great results.

If you’re looking for a social media marketing strategy, this is one thing you might want to seriously consider.

So how do you capitalize on pop culture?

1. Incorporate pop culture into your content/campaign.

The simplest way to take advantage of pop culture is to incorporate it in your social media campaigns. Find a way to fuse trends or popular subjects of interest with your industry and come up with something that shows your product’s value and serves your audience all the same.

A good example of this is when REI capitalized on the popularity of zombies. The company created an infographic on essential products to survive a zombie apocalypse. It was just a perfect concept! That move worked for REI because the content relates to the brand. It was fun and appealing, especially to their zombie-loving patrons.

2. Join the hype, minding the right timing.

Who has not heard of the Miss Universe 2015 fiasco? The internet exploded when Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner and got the wrong girl crowned. That honest mistake created a major buzz around the world and was everyone’s favorite subject for quite some time.

Burger King was so quick to join the hype tweeting “At BK, everyone gets to keep their crown.” People found it a hilarious way for the famous food chain to hop in on the bandwagon. When it comes to getting in on hypes, though, it’s all about timing. It’s best to strike while the iron is still hot.

3. Create memes.

One of the easiest way to integrate pop culture into your digital marketing efforts is to create memes. The internet today is all about these hilarious images. The best thing about memes is that they are easy to make and what’s more, they are very shareable. Creating timely and relatable memes is a seamless way of riding the latest trends in pop culture.

If this is what you want to consider, all you have to do is pick the latest cool, funny or interesting trend that relates to your business or brand and work your imagination.

4. Connect to your audience on a personal level.

It is important to make a connection with your audience, and not just any connection but a personal one. Creating personal connections is a great way to engage your audience. Using pop culture, you can appeal to your audience’s interests and connect with them on a more personal level. Take this opportunity to get to know more about them, their needs and preferences.

Pop culture surely can take you to the next level if you know what to do. Before you make use of this tactic, however, make sure that the pop culture reference you use is relevant to your brand and the message you want to convey. When you can seamlessly combine your brand with pop culture, you have a great chance at reaping the benefits.

10 Mobile Apps You Should Have on Your Phone Right Now

10 Mobile Apps You Should Have on Your Phone Right Now

In this age of smartphones, mobile applications have also become a thing. These applications come in a wide variety of types. Some are made for entertainment, some are intended for quick information access and some are designed to enhance your device’s performance. To sum it all up, mobile apps are made to make our lives easier.

To date, countless apps are available for download. But how do you choose which ones to download? If you’re currently looking for a good mobile application, below are some options you might find useful.

Sure-Fire Strategies for Ranking Well in Mobile Search Results

Sure-Fire Strategies for Ranking Well in Mobile Search Results

Guess what? In early October 2015, Google reiterated that mobile searches already account for more than half of all the searches made across the globe.

Think about that. More than half. Think it's time to get mobile on mobile? You're right.

This does not mean that desktop searches, including those done using tablets, have lowered. In fact, their overall number has risen steadily month by month. This just means that the Internet-sphere is going through a sea of changes.

Facebook's Video Hub to Compete with YouTube?

Facebook's Video Hub to Compete with YouTube?

It's ON!

Facebook is on the verge of giving YouTube a run for its money with the launch of its own video hub. Although the platform is currently still testing, it could be the spot videos. 

It's been a while since a good platform smack down and we've got ringside seats. Read on!

Where Can You See This Video Hub? 

The Rise of Mobile in the Philippines

The Rise of Mobile in the Philippines

The extensive use of the internet in the Philippines today cannot be denied. According to Internet Live Stats, there are currently over 44 million internet users in the Philippines and still counting.

Hailed as the texting capital of the world when feature phones were at their peak, it’s easy to see how this small country can quickly adopt to the latest trends in technology. In this age of the world wide web, the Philippines has set a record for the biggest internet population growth in the world.

Are You Addicted to Social Media?

Can’t seem to get enough of social media?

You might be addicted to this craze without even realizing it. Social media is a platform but it’s also something that could be keeping you from the other good things in life.

In case you’re not sure or just simply in denial, here are some signs you are addicted to social media. 

10 Things You Might Not Know About Social Media

10 Things You Might Not Know About Social Media

Think you know social media?

Social media has evolved in so many ways since its inception. Though it was originally intended to connect people around the world, social media has now transformed into a powerful tool for businesses in the Philippines and practically everywhere else.

And it seems like it’s going to be this way for a long time. For this very reason, a lot of businesses have invested in social media management.

If you’re taking the same path, you might find this article helpful. 



Perhaps one of the finest features of Kryptonite Digital is the fact that we have our own Tiki Bar steps away from the main office. Well technically Andrew owns it, but we act like we do. While generally we're a well-behaved lot, always minding our P's and Q's, once a month, we heed the call of the thundering drums and saddle up for some good times.  The Karaoke machine is fired up, the beer pong table is rolled out, the BBQ is ignited and, well, things get loud. 

Kryptonite Digital Finds a Tropical New Home

When Kryptonite Digital was founded by marketing experts Dale Rennie and Dave McVeigh, they wanted to do everything – digital marketing services, SEO, mobile apps, and web – all under one roof. 

And ideally on a beach.

With a Tiki Bar.

Be careful what you ask for! Kryptonite Digital found a home at Bigfoot Media Park, a world-class facility in the island of Mactan. 



Recently, the K Team was enlisted to created a graphics package for the Pixar Movie Festival on Disney Channel Asia. The goal was to integrate a graphic language that would place the incredible Pixar Universe in a "filmic" world. Our team designed a cinematic dance floor combined with an interior of a projection booth, complete with an animated Luxo Jr. (the iconic lamp), bouncing around a movie projector and casting a shadow on the back wall. It was a quick turn-around, and working closely with out partners at Disney, we got it done. The feedback has been excellent and look forward to more collaborations with our good friends at the world's best kid's network!



This is a fun little animation test we did to celebrate the arrival of our team at our new studio space at Bigfoot Media Park. 



It's finally ON TV! Marco takes centre-stage to bring to live artistic ideas and fun creations! This was a shoot we pulled off here in Cebu City ( our friends at Bigfoot Studios) with Disney Channel and the incredibly talented Producer Durai Ramanathan. Full of ideas, always pushing for better, Durai and Kyrptonite are a perfect match. More information can be found on the shoot in an earlier post, but we're incredibly proud of this campaign -- 7 spots, end page designs and other animations. We're pulling hard to make season 4 of Disney Channel Asia's Art Attack the biggest season ever.



We're proud of our gaming background, particularly our experience working with the good folks at EA Mobile, right as mobile games were blowing up in everyone's hands. We helped market the migration of Hasbro from Sunday night board game night to an excellent way to make the taxi ride bearable. The mobile revolution has been a wild ride in the gaming space and has quite literally changed the world. Along the way, we also connected with our share of social game ups and downs, as well as players in this space, who were often pretty "mobile" themselves. 

That's why we have always been fascinated with Mark Pincus, the founder of Zynga, of FarmVille fame. Zynga was a powerhouse in the social space and then, well, it wasn't. Some people felt it was Pincus' fault, primarily because he didn't keep up with with mobile and instead created "me too" games that were rushed to market. That may or may not be true. But either way, we like the guy. He's dynamic, he's opinionated and he built something worth discussing.

He's also back. After replacing himself as CEO, he's decided to re-replace himself. Steve Jobs-like. We're going to track his progress right here, and we're going to wish him success, regardless of how many people he pisses off. Here's article about it. Enjoy. 



Not to go all Zoolander here, but Johanna Velasco Deutsch husband Mark Deutsch are really really REALLY talented. We first came upon them years ago when they helped us (back when we were called Creative Asylum) on a spot for video game publisher Chillingo. They killed it. But that was a long time ago. Since then, they've flourished, creating art for book covers, branded products and high end restaurants here in Cebu City. We've always had a creative crush on them, which is like a "man-crush" only for creative types. We were lucky enough to get them to work with us on a series of spots for Disney Channel and once again, they did not disappoint. Their sense of color, design and general organized mayhem was the perfect compliment to the spot, which was all about such things. Their site says as much as we could about their work. Hire them.



Fantastic conversation between Peter Saville, the graphic designer for Factory Records (made infamous by the classic film 24 Hour Party People) and Tony Wilson, the founder. For aspiring designers, this is a gem. Saville approached Wilson while still in college and talked him into letting him design for the fledging Factory organization. For art college students, this goes along with everything we preach. If you want to "go pro", then get out there and find your targets. Your talent will grow and evolve, but without ambition and street smarts, you can forget having a long career getting paid to be artistic. It probably won't happen.