Founder of Richmond Asset Management, Graham Bibby is a financial guru who launched The Insiders Club meant for empowering people to build up a steady flow of viable wealth. With more than 30 years of experience in the financial markets, Graham is “in the know” when it comes to establishing an uptrend in the stock market and in protecting your assets from incurring losses during downtrends. He has in his hands “insider secrets” that will make you richer even as others lose millions.


The Rebranding of

In our new age world, people tend to be drawn more towards what’s cool and relevant. That was the inspiration in the rebranding of the look and feel of Instead of highlighting the usual nerdy or uptight persona of financial advisers, it was decided to give Graham Bibby a more hip personality that will make him relate-able and approachable to people who want to amass more wealth or protect their investments.



When it came to the website design, the colours chosen were intended to denote intellect and energy. This is for people to see his dynamism and knowledge as an adviser. The K Team maintained simplicity and ease of use on all pages of the website to make sure that nothing distracts from its main purpose, which is to showcase Graham Bibby and what he can do for people. 

The website was implemented on the Rainmaker platform to ensure that all its features will work smoothly for a well-oiled user experience. The result of this rebranding project was a tasteful website that presents Graham to the world as a cool and learned financial adviser, who can give you the keys to the financial richness of this world.



The K Team started on the corporate ID, which was presented as a monogram of his name. This simple yet elegant approach showcases his personality as a financial guru in the financial markets. As he is basically a world leader in identifying the uptrends and downtrends of the stock market, it was made sure that his name stands out not just in the logo, but all throughout his website. This is so when people will see his name, they will immediately know and recall what Graham Bibby stands for.



 Another key component of the branding exercise was to create video assets that are worth of a world class financial guru. We also rebranded Graham's existing videos with a consistent branding message. 



To further highlight Graham’s personality on the web, the K Team conducted an exclusive photo shoot of the main man himself. We stayed away from presenting a stern demeanour, which is the norm in the financial circles. Instead, we went for capturing the light side of Graham’s personality. This strengthens his likeability and approachability as a person and as a leading investment manager.