Are you fond of finding and watching videos online? Ever wonder where such bigwigs as Fox or CWS find some of the coolest videos they show on their sites? It’s simple really. They came to the Genius. is basically the mind behind the Genius of selling and buying rights to the world’s most trending, explosive and even heart-warming videos. With them, you won’t have to wade through the over 300 video hours uploaded to YouTube or Facebook every minute. 

For the past three decades, they have committed themselves to going through all the videos found on the Internet. They sift through them and find the ones that are worth sharing.




Because they are already a Genius in their own right, it was very easy to work with BoxGenius in developing their website.

The K Team worked with the Box Genius assets to come up with a website worthy of a genius in the market of video sharing. Using the Squarespace platform, we developed a site with better, user-friendly interface in the most straightforward yet effective way possible. This translated to a higher level of user experience for all site users, whether they intend to sell or buy the rights to their videos.